Iain Crowder 5th Dan
Shown here Sensei Iain Crowder
demonstrating part of the kata
Bassai Dai, in the class for 3rd kyu
(Brown Belt) students and above.

About Astley Shukokai Karate Club

An introduction from sensei Iain Crowder 5th Dan

I have been practicing various martial arts for over 30 years, studying under several senior instructors including R Chadwick 4th Dan (Shotokan), G Leach 3rd Dan (Shukokai) and T Scott 7th Dan (Shukokai).

20 years ago I moved from home and found a local club with a new style I hadn't heard of before - Shukokai karate. Learning from the beginning and starting afresh I trained hard and reached the grade of 2nd Dan. I was then asked, persuaded and encouraged to start my own club.

I have competed in competitions from semi-contact to full contact in the early years, and have become a referee for the English Karate Organisation (in the last few years).

From the beginning each teacher had a varying impact on the way that I teach now, giving me a wealth of knowledge from different aspects of each martial art, incorporating the best of their teachings. None more so than Dave Sharkey, 8th Dan chairman of the EKO, who guided me in the right direction and helped me with my club.

I try to teach each student as an individual with individual needs, bearing in mind there will be others in the class to teach, pushing each student to their maximum potential while giving them guidance in how to behave and show respect for themselves and other people.